Sustainable packaging in one place

Sustainable packaging in one place

overview in the packaging jungle
Volumes that suit your business

Volumes that suit your business

ideal: supply and demand together
Applying is very simple

Applying is very simple

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Stretch film (PLA + PBAT)

Mini pallet (Carton)

Shipping box (Carton)


Biodegradable and compostable waste bags and container bags for the collection of organic waste in the kitchen and garden.


You can buy all kinds, sizes and thicknesses of foil via Ecomax. For example: packaging film, agricultural film and laminating film.

Product packaging

View our range of sustainable cardboard packaging. Customizable dimensions and food safe!

Return packaging

A lot of profit can be made in the distribution of goods. In sustainability and money. Request your reusable beverage kegs, crates, bins, containers, pallets or pallet boxes and roll containers through us.

Shipping material

If you have to send a lot as a company, consider sustainable shipping boxes or (self-adhesive) mailing envelopes, tape, bubblewrap and all kinds of pallets.

View our range

ecomax: simple, clear, the right sustainable packaging

Find your product here and get more information with a click. With a next click, you can request the desired packaging directly Ecomax is that simple. Is the product you have in mind not available or do you need a different quantity? Or do you want to ask something else? Please contact us immediately. We will get back to you within 3 working days.