Ecomax: lifebuoy in the jungle of sustainable packaging

Ecomax: reddingsboei in de jungle van duurzame verpakkingen

If a company wants to package products in a sustainable way, it ends up in a jungle of supply and suppliers. So where on earth do you start as a buyer? The answer is: at ecomax. The brand new platform for sustainable packaging . Companies are looking for environmentally friendly packaging material and the producers offer it through ecomax. It couldn’t be simpler and clearer. In addition to the range of products, everyone can also find knowledge about packaging on the platform.


Hoeveelheden die bij je bedrijf passen

Ekoplaza is one of the drivers of the platform. Not for nothing. “For a cleaner, better world, it is very important that we pack more sustainably. That is why companies continue to innovate. What we have noticed and heard from the market is that many companies get stuck on knowledge and volumes. You can of course gain knowledge. But which company do you approach? Who is good? Or who is even the best of its kind? And then there’s the issue of volumes. If relatively small players want to buy sustainable packaging, they can often only buy large volumes. If you don’t want that or don’t need such large numbers, then you have a problem. And that is why the ecomax platform was created. Here you can see what’s for sale in the market and you can order quantities that suit your company,” says Steven IJzerman, quality manager at Udea, parent company of Ekoplaza.


De jungle wordt overzichtelijker

Gerard Peeters and Leon Simons have joined forces for a clearer, more sustainable packaging world and have started working with the original idea of Ekoplaza. Peeters: “Packaging is a concern in the world of sustainability. The ever-growing demand for consumer goods has fueled unprecedented growth in the packaging industry over the past decade. The environmental damage caused by waste from disposable packaging (‘single use’) has become huge and industry and society are looking for solutions. The challenge here is to get the right, fact-based insights. ecomax’s challenge is to share these facts and insights with the market.”

Leon Simons adds: “We bring supply and demand together, a marketplace for sustainable packaging only. Do you want to start purchasing sustainable packaging, but are the minimum orders too large? Please contact us. Is the desired product not on this website? Then we will find the right supplier within our network. Are you a producer of sustainable packaging and are you interested in the platform to also show your products? We would be happy to talk to you.”


Verwarring rondom duurzaamheid

In addition to the wide range of packaging materials, you can also gain knowledge at ecomax through blogs and news items, of which this is the first, about sustainable packaging. Think of topics such as: Why should I pack sustainably? What does this mean for my company? What is the difference between biodegradable and biodegradable? Choose renewable raw materials or recycle? What sustainable packaging are there actually?