About us

Joining forces for a
more transparent, sustainable world of packaging

We, Gerard Peeters and Leon Simons, are joining forces for a more transparent, sustainable world of packaging. With ecomax, the digital (knowledge)platform on sustainable packaging and logistics, we are taking steps towards achieving this.

Ecomax makes it easier for you. Because we realise that in the maze of suppliers and packaging offerings, it is often difficult to make the right choice. You will find it with us. In a transparent and simple way, we offer many sustainable packaging materials from different suppliers in all kinds of qualities, sizes and runs. And also under the right conditions.

The large, national, organic supermarket Ekoplaza has been our driving force. Steven IJzerman, quality manager at Udea, the parent company of Ekoplaza, explains: “For a cleaner, better world it is very important that we start packaging more sustainably. Many companies get stuck on knowledge and volumes. You can acquire knowledge. But which company do you approach? Who is good? Or who is even the best of its kind? And then there’s the issue of volumes. If relatively small players want to buy sustainable packaging, they can often only buy large volumes. So if you don’t want to or don’t need such large volumes, you have a problem. And that is why the ecomax platform was created. Here you can see what is available in the market and you can order quantities that suit your company.” Of course you will also find Ekoplaza packaging in our online catalog. View all products .

Several suppliers already offer their sustainable products via ecomax and more and more are following. Are you a supplier of sustainable packaging materials and are you also interested in having your products included in the ecomax range? Please contact us.